My name is Sophia Wardman, i am from a small seaside town in the north of England and have some how unknown to myself clambered upon two UK reality TV shows; a non talent based reality TV show called “Shipwrecked’ in 2007, and the biggest talent based reality TV show to date ‘The X Factor’, in 2010. Over the past 10 years i have experienced the trials and tribulations of a ‘reality TV star’, ‘z-lister’, ‘X-Factor reject’, ‘failed celebrity’, and ‘that girl that screamed a lot on TV’, (yes grandma was proud). I have had the honour of experiencing a recordable amount of ‘celebrity’, hung out with A-Listers, gained mounds of free clothes, gone to the strangest events, had paparazzi car chases, and been written about in the media again and again, but surprisingly in all of it i’ve never intentionally sought out that life. I feel lucky to have experienced the reality TV world and what it entails, what its like to be famous, to meet people that are overwhelmed to be speaking to you, to have access to things other people don’t, to feel that feeling of importance and power. I enjoyed it in a kind of observatory analytical way, noticing how that world was also affecting those around me throughout their journey. It became very interesting to me as i also felt the psychological and emotional consequences of such a rollercoaster. I went on to complete a degree in BSc Psychology basing my final study project on ‘The Psychological and Emotional Experiences of the Reality TV Contestant’, in which 14 reality television participants from various UK reality shows were interviewed confidentially, their data was then analysed using qualitative methods and a number of themes were discovered. This project is linked into my blog so feel free to have a read of it!

I have a passion for mental health, media and celebrity, and writing, so thought i could combine all three and start a blog!

I intend to use this blog in order to help and advise those who have either taken part in reality TV or who are wishing to appear on reality TV. How to prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime, and how to survive the aftermath. I also intend to share my ridiculous reality TV stories with you while having a good old laugh at myself.

Peace and Love x


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