Prepare Yourself

So you’re thinking of applying for the next season of X Factor, Big Brother, BGT, or have been approached to star in a new ‘The Only Way is…’ style reality show. Obviously you’re excited, why wouldn’t you be? You could potentially become famous, consuming piles of new clothes, cosmetics, free nights out to hang with your favourite celebs, achieve your dreams of becoming a successful singer, actor, dancer, presenter, or maybe you just want to be famous for being famous.

Either way what we perceive to be successful in this modern day is a lot different to what it was 20 years or so ago. But we as a reality TV loving community now take success as it comes and not for one minute do I want to dampen your dreams of becoming a reality TV star. I am here simply to make sure you are well prepared for your journey to success, to let you into some hidden truths about reality TV and how to strategically use the pitfalls of reality TV to your benefit.

Also to make sure you are psychologically and emotionally prepared for the reality of reality TV. It is far from just fun and games and only the strongest can survive unscathed. To be on a reality TV show with the intention of becoming ‘successful’, ‘famous’, and/or ‘rich’ demands total commitment to the cause, including parts of your soul you didn’t realise existed. To be on a reality TV show solely for the ‘experience’ is a different kettle of fish, very fun, but should still involve psychological preparation and highly adaptive coping mechanisms there after. Your state of mind and perceived goals can change throughout the process of fame and the effects will need cushioning by a strong support system, such as friends and family.

Any who that all seemed rather scary, now to simplify, firstly answer yourself these few questions (and be honest):

What is your purpose for wanting to appear on reality TV?

Have you ever suffered from any mental illnesses, personality disorders, depression, or low self-esteem?

How strong is your sense of self?

Do you have a solid emotional support system made up of family and/or friends?

Would you be willing to say/act in ways that weren’t necessarily true to yourself to succeed in becoming a reality TV star?

How private are you as a person?

How educated are you about the media industry? Have any of your friends or relatives been on reality TV?

How trusting are you? Give reasons.

These are preparation questions that you will need to ask yourself and examine before entering any kind of reality TV show.

If you were thinking about applying and wanted some advice on your answers, you can email them to me anonymously at , and I will advise you in the best way I can about your preparation to success.

Peace and Love



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